Camping Quotables

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Happy Camping!


How To Take A Bath While Camping

Now to some, personal hygiene is not of great importance when roughing it in the woods. I am currently hearing my husband’s impersonation of the Tim the Toolman Taylor grunt.

For others, all the outdoorsy stuff makes them want a shower even more. I fall under this category.

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Monday’s Marshmallow Moments


My girls sitting dock-side at Bartlett Lodge in Algonquin Provincial Park. Each time we visit the park we make a supper reservation – Yummy!

Happy Camping!

The Thirsty Traveler – How To Get Drunk When You Are Roaming The Campground

I love to walk around the campground and visit my friends that are camping with us.

I do not like to look like a lush when I am on one of my walkabouts.

So, I came up with a short lists of products to help conceal your booze!

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How To Camp During The Winter

As much as we love camping, we are not cold weather campers. I will confess that my husband does dabble in the insanity of winter tent camping, but the rest of the family prefers the warmth of a bed.

So, how does our family get our camping fix in the middle of winter? Well, we stay in cabins – camping cabins!

What exactly are camping cabins? Well, to us, camping cabins are tiny cabins that are minimalistic. They do not provide larger than life luxuries that are typically associated to “cabin” renting. They are simplistic.

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Five Things Everyone Should Have In Their Camping Kitchen

I’m not sure if I’m the only person who feels like a good portion of my time at the campsite consists of cooking. Sometimes I feel like once I have finished cooking and cleaning up after a meal, that it is almost time to start thinking about prepping for the next meal. But that’s ok – because we are camping! We are supposed to relax, let life slow down and smell the steak sizzling on the open fire roses.


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Taking The Guesswork Out Of Booking A Campsite

I absolutely hate booking a campsite without knowing what the site looks like. Yes, most online reservation systems have pictures associated to each site within the campground and they also typically have campsite dimensions listed on them. I do appreciate what reservation systems have to offer, but you don’t typically know what your site truly looks like until you get there.

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Camping On A Budget – There Is An App For That

If you live in Canada then the Canadian Tire App offers a lot of flexibility for purchasing camping equipment on a budget. Not only are you able to browse through all available catalogues, but you are also able to create a shopping list, or wish list if you will. The best part of this App is the fact that it will notify you when one of your shopping list items goes on sale.

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