Outdoor Chalkboard Paint To Spruce Up The Shed

A month or two ago I wrote about our shed design – here, here and here.

I was very lucky to have a friend of mine, who is a shop Teacher, build it for us with his class.

I wanted a shed that would be relatively lightweight and portable. It has made it’s journey home, but we have not assembled it yet. When we do, it will be at the campsite and I will document the assembly process – for those of you who are curious about the design.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you how we spruced up the shed with outdoor chalkboard paint.

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Drawer Organization

You realize how important organization is when you are spending several months of the year in a living space of 300 square feet.

But wait, it’s not only one person in the confined quarters – it’s 2 adults, 2 kids, 1 dog and 1 cat.

So, how do we survive do it?

Well, I am a little OCD when in comes to organization and finding optimal storage solutions.

A perfect example is how I organize our drawers in the trailer.

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Shower Head Mod

A few weeks ago we ordered the The Body Spa shower with Oxygenics from Camping World.

Image Source: Camping World

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Home Sweet Home

So after a few hiccups, we finally were able to take our trailer out of storage yesterday.


It looks so nice in our driveway, but it will look even better at the campsite. It will look even better when it is clean and sparkling!

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Toilet Training Our Cat And Saying Goodbye To The Litter Box

We have a new addition to our camping brigade this year – our Ragdoll cat, Max.

Max as a kitten - he is sporting green!

Max as a kitten – he is sporting green!

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Storage Solutions For Our Trailer

I hate shopping and I have a minor case of undiagnosed OCD. Yep, that’s me in a nutshell!

It makes for a lovely situation when camping in a confined space with 3 other people and all of the crap stuff that the four us have deemed as a necessity.

I cannot handle clutter in our trailer, so I get creative with storage solutions.

On a recent trip to IKEA, I picked up a few items to help contain the clutter.

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To watch T.V. or not to watch T.V. at the campsite? That is the question.

Image Source: Seat42F

It seems misguided to consider watching television while at the campsite. The whole point of camping is to experience the great outdoors – to unplug – to connect with the family.

We would have never have thought about our television options for the campsite in previous years, but our camping style is changing this summer. We are going to be spending the majority of the summer at the campsite, so it may be “handy” to have a plan B – in case it rains!

So what is one to do? No, really, what is one to do?

What are our options?

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Pooper Scooper Tours Parliament

Pooper Scooper Tours Parliament

This week has been a crazy work week, this is an understatement, which explains why I haven’t been adding much in terms of quality content lately.

Therefore, this Friday’s Fireside Funny is going to be short and sweet, as I am pooped (no pun intended).

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Six Simple Storage Solutions For Our Kitchen

Another major snow storm hit our area today and I am choosing to think warm thoughts – camping thoughts.

I thought that I would share with you the six simple storage solutions that I plan on incorporating into my kitchen in my Flagstaff 29BHKD trailer.

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