How To Take A Bath While Camping

Now to some, personal hygiene is not of great importance when roughing it in the woods. I am currently hearing my husband’s impersonation of the Tim the Toolman Taylor grunt.

For others, all the outdoorsy stuff makes them want a shower even more. I fall under this category.

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Transitioning to Extended Stay Camping – The Reasoning

(Brace yourselves – it’s a long winded post. I assure you this regurgitation won’t happen often!)

I decided to write this blog because we just found out that we are going to be “Extended Stay Campers” for the 2014 camping season. After the initial excitement and celebrations, we started to realize that we were entering a new category of camping – one that we do not know much about. So what does one do when you want to learn about something? Well, you google it. Surprisingly, I could not find much information on what a newbie should know – tips, tricks, ideas, organization, etc. So I thought that, perhaps, it may be a good idea to journal about our experiences as new “Extended Stay Campers.”

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