Yesterday’s Post Jinxed Us

Yesterday, I bragged about the beautiful day we had – here.

I should not have.

Sorry everyone!


Happy Camping…..eventually!


We Cannot Wait For Spring

Site 13 - Our Summer Address!

Site 13 – Our summer address!

It has been a very long winter for us this year and spring cannot come soon enough. We are anxiously awaiting the beginning of the camping season, but our plans are being foiled by the endless amounts of snow and reoccurring cold snaps. We are starting to wonder if we will be able to pull our trailer out of storage in April.

But today was different. Today Mother Nature blessed us with a beautiful day. So, we were very thankful and took advantage of a warm and sunny day.

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How To Camp During The Winter

As much as we love camping, we are not cold weather campers. I will confess that my husband does dabble in the insanity of winter tent camping, but the rest of the family prefers the warmth of a bed.

So, how does our family get our camping fix in the middle of winter? Well, we stay in cabins – camping cabins!

What exactly are camping cabins? Well, to us, camping cabins are tiny cabins that are minimalistic. They do not provide larger than life luxuries that are typically associated to “cabin” renting. They are simplistic.

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