Storage Solutions For Our Kitchen

First off, 6 more sleeps till the start of camping season! Yay!

Now that my excitement and countdown is out there, I can continue on with my storage solutions.

I would like to share with you how I organized my kitchen cupboards in my trailer.

I am very fortunate to have very deep cupboards. The wall is more than an arm’s length away from the cupboard, which allows me to store our toaster and coffee maker on the counter permanently.

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Drawer Organization

You realize how important organization is when you are spending several months of the year in a living space of 300 square feet.

But wait, it’s not only one person in the confined quarters – it’s 2 adults, 2 kids, 1 dog and 1 cat.

So, how do we survive do it?

Well, I am a little OCD when in comes to organization and finding optimal storage solutions.

A perfect example is how I organize our drawers in the trailer.

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A Must-Have Storage Solution

Trailer storage solutions and organization is a hot topic for a lot of recreational vehicle enthusiasts.

We have owned 3 trailers in the past 10 years and with each trailer I have made it my goal to get the best use of space out of each nook and cranny. So much so that my camping friends have – let’s say – noticed!

(Check out our trailer timeline here)

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Storage Solutions For Our Trailer

I hate shopping and I have a minor case of undiagnosed OCD. Yep, that’s me in a nutshell!

It makes for a lovely situation when camping in a confined space with 3 other people and all of the crap stuff that the four us have deemed as a necessity.

I cannot handle clutter in our trailer, so I get creative with storage solutions.

On a recent trip to IKEA, I picked up a few items to help contain the clutter.

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Six Simple Storage Solutions For Our Kitchen

Another major snow storm hit our area today and I am choosing to think warm thoughts – camping thoughts.

I thought that I would share with you the six simple storage solutions that I plan on incorporating into my kitchen in my Flagstaff 29BHKD trailer.

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REBLOG: Pack It Up, Pack It In, Let Our Camping Trip Begin

This is a post from our 2012 blog about our annual camping trip to Algonquin Provncial Park. It highlights how I organized our Rockwood Roo Hybrid to accommodate 4 people for 2 weeks. I’m excited to be organizing our new Flagstaff 29bhkd trailer for the summer!

The Therriault Camping Adventure, 2012

As many of you know, our family loves to camp. We typically camp locally, with the exception of our annual trip to Algonquin Provincial Park. This year, however, we have decided to extend our camping trip to Algonquin, by adding another week of camping to our trip. We are excited to be travelling for two weeks and will go to four different locations during this timeframe.

This blog is inspired by our friend, Melanie, and her blog about her camping trip out west. Although our trip will not be as expansive, I am hoping that this blog will be away for us to keep our family in the loop throughout our journey.

So, let the packing begin.


The piles of kids clothes!


The kids clothes all neatly organized. Each bag has one

outfit for each of the girls – all we need to do is take a bag

out and…

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