Spring Cleaning At The Campsite

This is our first year as extended stay (otherwise known as seasonal) campers.

It has been a big adjustment for us and we haven’t even really started the camping season yet.

One adjustment we have had to make is to wrap our minds around the fact that this is like a second property.

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Monday’s Marshmallow Moments

Our double edged sword dilemma:


  • Positive: We have piles of stuff to take to the campsite. Only 25 more days till the season begins!
  • Negative: In the meantime, the piles look awful in my yard.


Happy Camping!

Portable Waste Tank Purchase

Portable Waste Tank
Honey Wagon
Pooper on Wheels
Cesspool Emptier
Honey Bucket
Portable Holding Tank

Whatever you would like to call it, it is a dirty job.

Image Source: WP Clipart

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Outdoor Toys And Our Storage Solution

Well, the weather has finally warmed up and we were able to spend some time outside today. We took advantage of the beautiful day and got a few things ready for the campsite.

One item on of our growing to-do list was toy organization and storage. We happily crossed that item off of our list today.

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Birthday Inspirations – Picnic Theme Continued

As a follow-up to my original birthday inspiration post, I have come up with a few more ideas for Chloe’s 5th birthday party.

In short, we are celebrating Chloe’s birthday at the campground and we have decided to plan a picnic themed luncheon for this years festivities.

So, below are some more of our thoughts and ideas for her special day.

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We Cannot Wait For Spring

Site 13 - Our Summer Address!

Site 13 – Our summer address!

It has been a very long winter for us this year and spring cannot come soon enough. We are anxiously awaiting the beginning of the camping season, but our plans are being foiled by the endless amounts of snow and reoccurring cold snaps. We are starting to wonder if we will be able to pull our trailer out of storage in April.

But today was different. Today Mother Nature blessed us with a beautiful day. So, we were very thankful and took advantage of a warm and sunny day.

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The Thirsty Traveler – How To Get Drunk When You Are Roaming The Campground

I love to walk around the campground and visit my friends that are camping with us.

I do not like to look like a lush when I am on one of my walkabouts.

So, I came up with a short lists of products to help conceal your booze!

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