Portable Waste Tank Purchase

Portable Waste Tank
Honey Wagon
Pooper on Wheels
Cesspool Emptier
Honey Bucket
Portable Holding Tank

Whatever you would like to call it, it is a dirty job.

Image Source: WP Clipart

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That’s Not A Sign, This Is A Sign

Yesterday I made my first Etsy purchase and, of course, it was a camping related one.

I wanted to find a personalized campsite sign to hang somewhere within our campsite. My husband and I settled on this design by Uniquely Crafted Signs.

Made by <a href=

Made by Uniquely Crafted Signs

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Toilet Training Our Cat And Saying Goodbye To The Litter Box

We have a new addition to our camping brigade this year – our Ragdoll cat, Max.

Max as a kitten - he is sporting green!

Max as a kitten – he is sporting green!

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The Thirsty Traveler – How To Get Drunk When You Are Roaming The Campground

I love to walk around the campground and visit my friends that are camping with us.

I do not like to look like a lush when I am on one of my walkabouts.

So, I came up with a short lists of products to help conceal your booze!

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Smoking At The Campsite

As a follow-up to my Five Things Everyone Should Have In Their Camping Kitchen post, I thought that I would share with you how we turned our Rome Tripod Grill into a smoker.

Drum roll please….

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Five Things Everyone Should Have In Their Camping Kitchen

I’m not sure if I’m the only person who feels like a good portion of my time at the campsite consists of cooking. Sometimes I feel like once I have finished cooking and cleaning up after a meal, that it is almost time to start thinking about prepping for the next meal. But that’s ok – because we are camping! We are supposed to relax, let life slow down and smell the steak sizzling on the open fire roses.


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