How To Take A Bath While Camping

Now to some, personal hygiene is not of great importance when roughing it in the woods. I am currently hearing my husband’s impersonation of the Tim the Toolman Taylor grunt.

For others, all the outdoorsy stuff makes them want a shower even more. I fall under this category.

I came across this picture online and thought “that’s hilarious….and yet oddly smart.”

Image Source: x

Image Source: Camping Crap

I’m not sure if I would go to all the work of setting this bathtub up, but it works as a platform for inspiration.

In fact, it brought back memories of bathing my kids while camping. We used to take a Rubbermaid bin and fill it with hot water and use it as a bathtub in desperate situations, like this one:

Needs bath

Any-who, the instructions for the inflatable raft bath can be found at Camping Crap, but in short:

What you need to bring with you camping to have a hot bath:

– A rubber raft – it only needs to be big enough for two people with no seats in it.
– A large cooking pot – with lid to heat water. A home canning pot works great.
– A metal grill for your campfire – you can use a camp stove, but it take longer and wastes propane.
– A tent – the tent is optional and you need a small family tent

Check out the full instructions here.

Happy Camping!


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