A Series Of Fortunate Circumstances

When we first started talking about the possibility of becoming extended stay campers, we decided that the only way we would commit would be if we had friends doing it with us.

You see, camping means camaraderie. Camping is sitting around a campfire with friends singing songs. Camping means letting your kids bike and visit with their friends. Camping means having the occasional supper together. Camping is all about reconnecting with my own family and connecting with our great group of friends.

We had developed so many wonderful camping friends that we could not envision camping without them.

Now, we always knew that our friends would visit us and book some weekends here and there with us, but it wouldn’t be the same. We camped each weekend with family and friends and we thought that going seasonally would limit that. Our friends and family could not commit to staying put in one place and we could not ask that of them.

In reality, making the decision to be extended stay campers has limited us. We will not be camping with certain families as much as what we used to. We are also giving up visiting other campgrounds – some of which have been a tradition for the past 7 years.

However, deciding to be extended stay campers has also help solidify existing friendships. In the beginning, we were very lucky to have close friends of ours decide to try out extended stay camping with us. The ball started rolling and we both committed to the idea! We took on this sort of partnership, one where we made executive decisions together about where to establish our camping roots. It was an amazing experience and we could not have picked a better family to start our adventure with.

Time has now passed and two other families have decided to become extended stay campers with us. We are now taking over the campground with a total of four families. I am beyond thrilled and excited for the camping season to arrive. We have a great group camping with us and my kids have a great group of friends to play with.

In addition to friends, I am also anxious for the family time and for spending quality time with my two beautiful girls. The girls are growing up so quickly and spending time at the campsite will force us to spend more quality time with the kids. In essence, we should find more time as we will be downsizing and have less responsibilities associated to maintaining a busy life at home and we are eliminating all of the packing and unpacking for camping trips. Come on quality time!


We are also fortunate enough to be creating new opportunities for our family. We will be meeting new friends and creating new traditions. We will be excited to see some of our old camping buddies when they do come to visit. There is a lot to be excited about.

Well, the countdown to camping season is finally approaching single digits and I am appreciating what is in store for my family.

Let the sun shine and let the campfires begin!

Happy Camping!


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