Monday’s Marshmallow Moments


Camping, friends and Popsicles!

This photo was taken at Bon Echo Provincial Park.

Happy Camping!


10 thoughts on “Monday’s Marshmallow Moments

      • we’ve tented at pog a few times as well. It’s pretty great too 🙂 We just find it harder as there isn’t a handy dog beach there, and it drives our Portuguese water dog crazy to be near water and not go in. Bon Echo and Rock Lake in Algonquin both have fantastic dog beaches (Rock Lake is large enough and quiet enough that we can bring the kids and the dog and all play in the water) Rock Lake is also a favorite as we got engaged up on the lookout 🙂

      • I totally understand the convenience of dog beaches! We camped at Rock Lake 2 years ago and enjoyed the distance from the 60 – less highway noise! What a wonderful spot and memory for your engagement. We honeymooned at Pog Lake. Sentimental highlights and reasons for us both!

      • How sweet! 🙂 we got married at Barlett Lodge on cache lake… though we did honeymoon out of country. But how wonderful to find someone online here who loves it like we do!

      • I completely agree! We have enjoyed taking the family there for supper a few times and I’ve always thought that it would be a wonderful place to host a wedding or family get together. I can only imagine how beautiful your wedding photos must be.

      • The indoor ones are:) The rain was coming down sideways that day. They sent our photographer home early as it was getting too dangerous to take them across the lake! But it was a fantastic day. Not sure when we are going to make it to Algonquin this year… might not be until the fall we are debating going for the Halloween haunt this year

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