Shower Head Mod

A few weeks ago we ordered the The Body Spa shower with Oxygenics from Camping World.

Image Source: Camping World

The Body Spa RV Shower Kit promises to amplify the water pressure while reducing water consumption by 30%.

Who doesn’t want more pressure from the shower in their trailer?

Image Source: PPL Motorhomes

We read through all the reviews and decided to bite the $32 bullet.

Installation could not have been easier.

It literally took my husband 5 minutes to install.

We decided not use the hose or the hanger that was supplied with the shower head, as the head fit seamlessly with our existing setup.

Thoughts so far:

  • Well, we ordered the white shower head, but it is not a true white.
  • An added bonus is that the new shower head is higher than our old, which means we may not have to duck as much to get under the water.

I am looking forward to my first shower to test out the pressure.

Happy Camping!


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