A Must-Have Storage Solution

Trailer storage solutions and organization is a hot topic for a lot of recreational vehicle enthusiasts.

We have owned 3 trailers in the past 10 years and with each trailer I have made it my goal to get the best use of space out of each nook and cranny. So much so that my camping friends have – let’s say – noticed!

(Check out our trailer timeline here)

With our newest trailer we are very fortunate to have lots of cupboards and storage areas.

The combination of storage areas and my experiences with our previous trailers has made organizing this trailer simple.

My favourite storage solution is, hands-down, clear plastic shoe boxes. My heart skips a beat when I think of them used in combination with a labeller!

So, how do I use shoe boxes in my organization obsession?

Well, here is a prime example.


The cupboards, in the above picture, are above our kitchen dinette.

The area is awkward to access, as you have to climb on the benches to reach the cupboards. So, it required some sort of tote storage system. The shoe box solution helps keep like items grouped together.

The labels eliminates the “I don’t know where it goes” argument for not putting things away where they are supposed to go.



The shoe boxes are sturdy – we have had these ones for about 3 years now and I think one lid cracked (from misuse).

Not only do I store gear and knickknacks in them, but I also use them for storing food, kids toys, clothes, etc.

They have been the best storage solution purchase that we have ever made.

Go out and buy some! You’ll thank me later!

Happy Camping!


7 thoughts on “A Must-Have Storage Solution

  1. what a great idea! Where do you buy your shoe containers? Oh and it looks like your evolution of camping resembles ours too! We just picked up our newest trailer on Monday!–I too have found that we don’t get the best sites all the time now, but am finding that if we look harder we are still getting good ones, we have a great waterfront -off-grid–site booked in parks of the st. lawerence this summer and a great ocean front one in PEI this summer as well. BUT… the sites in Algonquin are certainly not as good…

    • I purchased the shoe boxes at Canadian Tire a few years back, but I was there today and they still sell them. I believe the price went up a tad since I originally purchased them though.

      What campground are you staying at in the Parks of The St. Lawrence, if you don’t mind me asking. We are seasonal there this year.

      • Last year we stayed at the migratory bird sanctuary, and this year we are staying on a small island with only four spots… think it’s Hoile Island? only one night though as we are passing through on our big road trip

      • Hoople Island perhaps? It’s a new camping development and it looks like it offers enough privacy. We are about 5 minutes away at Farran’s. We used to camp at the Bird Sanctuary often enough. It’s very tranquil there. Perhaps we have crossed camping paths at one point or another!

      • Probably! I am not in front of our itinerary at the moment. We liked the idea of one night on our road trip of off-grid camping. The rest of the time we are basically hauling our condo with us 🙂 Last year was our first time at the bird sanctuary and we thought it was wonderful.
        Wouldn’t that be funny if we’d crossed paths!

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