Portable Waste Tank Purchase

Portable Waste Tank
Honey Wagon
Pooper on Wheels
Cesspool Emptier
Honey Bucket
Portable Holding Tank

Whatever you would like to call it, it is a dirty job.

Image Source: WP Clipart

Do you know why they refer to it as honey? Well, apparently it relates to the colour of the “liquid” that comes out of it.

Image Source: Clker


Every camper has heard of the horror stories of sewage flying everywhere when emptying their tanks – a man standing, in shock, covered in toilet paper and other unmentionables. I’m not sure if this is a camping myth or not, but I would not wish that on anyone, especially my husband.

That being said, I will not empty our tanks. I will, though, give credit to anyone woman who does.

Image Source: Acclaim Images

Personally, in our household, it’s the man’s job – much to my husband’s dismay.

So, being the doting wife the I am, I decided to purchase the deluxe model for my husband.

We will be using the tank often, as we are camping from May till October at one campground on one site – extended stay camping. The site that we are staying on does not have sewer hook-ups.

So, based on the amount of use that our tank would be receiving, we decided on the Thetford SmartTote LX Portable Waste Tank – 35 Gallon from Camping World.

It arrived today and I thought that I would share some photos of our honey wagon. It is a sweet deal!

Camping World lists some of the features of the Thetford LX models. They include:

  • Completely self-contained units so there are no required accessories to buy or parts to store
  • Each model has up to 20% more capacity than competitive models for fewer fill-ups saving time and effort.
  • Self storing sewer hose stays connected at bottom of tank
  • Cradle pivots, hose extends for quick, clean hookup
  • Bayonet cap prevents spills; just pull out, connect to fill or empty
  • Level Gauge/Valve stops flow when tank is full to prevent messy over-filling!
  • No heavy lifting – use the convenient, included tow handle (on LX models) to easily pull your SmartTote from RV to evacuation.

It looks as great in person as what they describe online. We have yet to try it out, but we my husband is confident and happy with the purchase.

Happy Camping!


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