Monday’s Marshmallow Moments

Family fire

Warming up by the fire after a great day of playing in the snow at the Village Suisse, in Val-David, Quebec.

Happy Camping!


Glamorous Winter Camping

In the past I have shared with you how we like to winter camp. Well, this weekend was our winter camping weekend away. It was a bit more glamorous than what we are used to, but I am not going to complain about that. 🙂


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A Gentle Breeze

I know that there are many safety issues surrounding this idea, but I couldn’t resist sharing.

Image Source: Pinterest

It may help keep the kids outdoors during those scorching hot summer days.

Happy Camping!

That’s Not A Sign, This Is A Sign

Yesterday I made my first Etsy purchase and, of course, it was a camping related one.

I wanted to find a personalized campsite sign to hang somewhere within our campsite. My husband and I settled on this design by Uniquely Crafted Signs.

Made by <a href=

Made by Uniquely Crafted Signs

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