To watch T.V. or not to watch T.V. at the campsite? That is the question.

Image Source: Seat42F

It seems misguided to consider watching television while at the campsite. The whole point of camping is to experience the great outdoors – to unplug – to connect with the family.

We would have never have thought about our television options for the campsite in previous years, but our camping style is changing this summer. We are going to be spending the majority of the summer at the campsite, so it may be “handy” to have a plan B – in case it rains!

So what is one to do? No, really, what is one to do?

What are our options?

What option is the cheapest?

What option is the easiest?

What exactly are our options?

We know that we will get about 8 channels off of our antenna. Other than that, do we consider satellite or turning our phones into hotspots for either Netflix or Apple TV?

We are new to the idea and would love some insight.

Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated!


Happy Camping!


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