We Gave The Gift Of Time To Our Daughters For Valentine’s Day

Time has always been important to our family, but as the kids are getting older we have realized how important time truly is.

You see, they are now at the point in time in their little lives where time is becoming relevant to them. Time has meaning now.

They are learning, like the little sponges that they are, how to tell time.

With this comes the understanding of timeframe.

While trying to help them learn to tell time, my husband and I started thinking about how we spent our time as kids. We reminisced about childhood summer vacations and recalled how they seemed to last forever.

With this in mind, we decided to give the gift of time to our daughters for Valentine’s Day.

In addition to the watches, we made a pledge to give time to our beautiful girls.

We want to give them more family time, more one-on-one time, more special time.

Becoming extended stay campers will help us with this pledge.

Previous summers have been a succession of plan, pack, camp, unpack and repeat. Plan, pack, camp, unpack and repeat – for the last seven years it has been the same story. This summer it will be different.

Extended stay camping will be different. The trailer stays put. No more packing and unpacking. No more planning.

This summer I can devote all of my free time to my family. We can go to the beach more. We can take more walks. We can go for longer bicycle rides. We can spend more nights looking up at the stars and sitting by a fire. We can enjoy more family time.

This Valentine’s Day we are giving the gift of time to our beautiful daughters.

We are also giving the gift of time to each other.

To kickoff the gift of time theme, last night we stayed in. Instead of going out for a romantic dinner at some fancy restaurant, we decided to be the fancy restaurant. We spent the night making homemade cannelloni.

It was absolutely delicious!

I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day and that you were able to spend time with the ones that you love.

Happy Camping!


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