Six Simple Storage Solutions For Our Kitchen

Another major snow storm hit our area today and I am choosing to think warm thoughts – camping thoughts.

I thought that I would share with you the six simple storage solutions that I plan on incorporating into my kitchen in my Flagstaff 29BHKD trailer.

Snow = trailer in storage, so I have borrowed some pictures of what my kitchen sort of looks likes. Colours and fabrics are a bit off in these pictures.

imageImage Source: RVT

imageImage Source: Keystone Rv Center

The six simple storage solutions for the kitchen of our trailer will be:

1. Aluminum foil and plastic wrap storage using self-adhesive hooks inside one of the cupboard doors – Ask Anna
2. Magnetic Knife Strip to be used beside our stove – Amazon
3. Lazy Susan in our very deep upper cabinets – Amazon
4. Over the Door Waste/Storage Basket to keep the trash tucked away – Amazon
5. Over the Sink Shelf for additional kitchen storage – Amazon
6. Dinner Plate Cradle to be used in my upper cabinets to help keep the plates organized and easily accessible – Amazon

I am really looking forward to warmer weather so that we can pull our trailer out and start organizing!

Happy Camping!


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