Transitioning to Extended Stay Camping – The Reasoning

(Brace yourselves – it’s a long winded post. I assure you this regurgitation won’t happen often!)

I decided to write this blog because we just found out that we are going to be “Extended Stay Campers” for the 2014 camping season. After the initial excitement and celebrations, we started to realize that we were entering a new category of camping – one that we do not know much about. So what does one do when you want to learn about something? Well, you google it. Surprisingly, I could not find much information on what a newbie should know – tips, tricks, ideas, organization, etc. So I thought that, perhaps, it may be a good idea to journal about our experiences as new “Extended Stay Campers.”

It took us many many years and many many camping trips to get to this point in our camping careers. Perhaps a look down memory lane will shine some light on our journey thus far.

Our camping adventures started at the same time that our family journey began. My husband and I were both camping enthusiasts and decided to make it a big part of our lives. In fact, we spent our honeymoon at Pog Lake in Algonquin Provincial Park. Although this may not be the romantic honeymoon that every couple dreams of; for us it solidified our desire to incorporate camping into our lifestyle. Not only did our honeymoon inspire our family culture, but it also became a very fond place in our hearts, as we fell in love with the solitude and pure beauty of the park. So much so that we made a pledge to make it an annual family vacation destination.

We started off the camping culture in a very minimalistic way…

Tent Camping in April at Mew Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park

Tent Camping in April at Mew Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park

then came one child…

Our starter "home" - Viking Epic 2306 Tent Trailer

Our starter “home” – Viking Epic 2306 Tent Trailer

then another…

Leaving for Algonquin in our Rockwood Roo 17 Hybrid

Leaving for Algonquin in our Rockwood Roo 17 Hybrid

and now our family of 4 lives the life of luxury at the various campsites that we frequent.

Our New "Cottage on Wheels" - Flagstaff 29bhkd

Our New “Cottage on Wheels” – Flagstaff 29bhkd

And now we live the life of luxury at the campsites.

We purchased our latest trailer at the end of the camping season last year. We only were able to spend about 2 weeks in it before we had to winterize it. It is everything we ever wanted and dreamed of in a trailer.

Now, (insert spoiler alert here) I know that there will be ample posts about our new trailer in the near future, so I don’t want to say too much now! The one thing I will say about this trailer right now is that it is BIG – BIIIIGGGGGGG! So big that we can no longer fit on any of our preferred sites in Algonquin Provincial Park. Oh what are we to do? I think we have to go tent camping up there for a weekend sometime soon – ironic isn’t it?

With the purchase of a big trailer came a big decision. Do we want to tow this trailer all over God’s Green Earth and continue with our “Are We There Yet Camping?” Or do we try setting up roots at a local Provincial Park for the season?

You see, for the past two summers we have been home for only one weekend and we also took 2 two week camping trips. That’s a lot of camping, which means costly camping fees, a lot of gas and A LOT of planning. So, we toyed with the idea of applying for Seasonal Camping or Extended Stay Camping. After many months of waiting, we finally found out that we got in!
Yay for us!

Happy Camping!


3 thoughts on “Transitioning to Extended Stay Camping – The Reasoning

  1. Extended stay camping sounds awesome, can’t wait to hear more about your experience. Are you camping in Canada, are Provincial Parks kinda like the U.S. National Parks?

    • Thank you for reading and commenting Janice! We are Canadian campers and have mainly stayed in Povincial Parks in Ontario. We are located close to the American border and would love to hop on over to visit some National Parks in the future. I do believe that the two park systems are similar. Friends of ours camp at National Parks in New York State and they rave about how clean, beautiful and how reasonably priced the parks are. Another amenity that many of our friends boast about is the ability to take advenage of sewer services, which is not available at our
      Provincial Parks. Thanks for following and happy camping!

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