Strategizing For A Site

Back in September we found a campground that we thought would fit the bill for our seasonal camping enjoyment and we applied to get on the list.

In the middle of January we got the application form emailed to us. Out of multiple parks in this Provincial Campground, each with hundreds of sites, it comes down to about 50 sites that are left that are accepting seasonal application. We have to list our top 5 – just 5 sites. Time to strategize!

So my female co-planning counterpart and I went on our way to try find the best sites to pick at the campground we want to stay at:

  • Strategy 1 – Most people want a site with electricity and water (sewer is not available at this campground), so let’s put our names down for sites without water but that are very close to a water spigot to be able to fill our water tanks with.
  • Strategy 2 – My first choice pick and my co-planning counterpart’s first picks need to be close to each other. All other sites will be chosen in proximity to the first choices.
  • Strategy 3 – Pray that the campsite application does not get the best of you – The campground lets you choose 5 sites. You must list them in order of preference. If you are the only one who picks a certain site as a first choice then it automatically becomes yours. If there happens to be more than one person interested in that site, as first choice, then you are entered into a draw. If you miss out on your first choice, and lose the draw, then you move into your second choice; however someone may have put it as their first choice and therefore your second choice doesn’t really matter. The process repeats itself for your second, third, fourth and fifth pick.
  • Strategy 4 – Cross your fingers, cross your toes and hope for the best.
Wish Us Luck

Wish Us Luck

Happy Camping!


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